Stream configuration

Settings related to the THEOlive stream output

THEOlive offers some pre-configurations for different types of streams. This allows you to adjust the stream settings according to your use case.

All the possible presets are listed below, together with their ABR ladder. They can be passed during the creation of a channel, or when updating it.

Depending on the resolution you choose, your ABR ladder will exist out of four steps (in case of 1080p), three steps (in case of 720p), two steps (in case of 480p), or one step (in case of 360p).


Ingest configuration

When configuring your RTMP ingest, it is important to match the highest bitrate of your bitrate ladder. When using the recommended preset at 1080p for example, the RTMP ingest should be configured at 4000 kbps.

Recommended preset values

The default configuration that will work for most use cases.

QualityBit rate
HD - 1080p4000 kbps
HQ - 720p2500 kbps
MQ - 480p1200 kbps
LQ - 360p900 kbps

Sport preset values

The ideal configuration for streams with fast-moving images and a lot of scene changes that have a high bit rate. An example can be a broadcasted football game.

QualityBit rate
HD - 1080p4500 kbps
HQ - 720p2700 kbps
MQ - 480p1400 kbps
LQ - 360p1000 kbps

Presentation preset values

The configuration that can be used when not a lot of scene changes are expected, think about a meeting with a few slides.

QualityBit rate
HD - 1080p2200 kbps
HQ - 720p900 kbps
MQ - 480p800 kbps
LQ - 360p450 kbps


Encoder settings

Frame rate
To obtain the best performance, set the same frame rate on both your encoder and in the channel configuration (the suggested values for this are 25, 29.97 or 30 fps). Frame rate differences between encoder and channel may lead to information loss and stalls.

Make sure your encoder has a stable connection with enough upload bandwidth to correctly serve all frames. Dropped frames or connection interruptions may lead to increased latency, stalls and playback failures.