How billing works for THEOlive

Discover our payment methods and billing cycles

This guide describes which payment methods are available, how to activate these, and when you will be billed.

1. Know this first

  • You can test for free in demo mode. This limits your streaming time to 5 minutes and puts a watermark on your video. All other functionalities are equivalent to those available in production.
  • When adding your payment method, you get $20 in production for free.
  • We work with billing cycles and payment thresholds, in combination.

2. Add you billing details

Your billing details can be added via My Account > Billing Details.


Find Billing Details in My Account menu, in the top right-hand corner

You subsequently have to click Add Billing Details, and complete the form.


Billing details fields overview

This will allow you in turn to add a payment method. We provide for 2 methods: credit card payment and direct debit. The picture below illustrates the credit card view.


Add payment method pop-up

You are all set, and can start using your production channels!

2. Invoicing

2.1 Model

THEOlive is pay-as-you-go. There are no minimum fees; you pay per minute of transcoding and per minute of streaming per viewer.


Estimate your streaming costs

To get an estimate of the streaming cost for an event, you can check the pricing page on the website. Note that the prices listed do not include VAT yet; this will be added on your invoice. Discounts are possible for high volumes and commitments: contact us to know more.

You will be invoiced based on billing cycles or payment thresholds, whichever takes place first.

2.2 Payment thresholds

There are four payment thresholds, or tiers, respectively $100 (Tier 1), $250 (Tier 2), $500 (Tier 3) and $1000 (Tier 4). As a new user, you start in Tier 1. When you've accrued $100 in costs, an invoice is generated and you are promoted to Tier 2. The same applies to the following tiers: if you accumulate an additional $250, a new invoice is generated and you are promoted to Tier 3. Tier 4 is the highest: reaching the threshold will not move your account to a new tier and the same threshold remains applicable.

2.3 Billing cycles

If at the end of the calendar month your threshold has not been reached, you will be billed for the open amount. For example, a THEOlive user in Tier 2 has an open amount of $200 at the end of the month. As the Tier 2 threshold of $250 has not been reached, an invoice will be generated for $200.