Bad network mode

Available on npm v2.6.0 and up

The ABR algorithm works best on qualities of 800 kbit/s or more. For advanced use cases, one might want qualities with a lower bitrate. Therefore we added a bad network mode to the player that activates for ABR ladders containing these very low bitrate qualities. By default, these qualities are not selected by the ABR algorithm to ensure a optimal ABR experience. However, if the player detects that it really isn't possible to play the higher bitrate qualities it will select a very low bitrate quality. This is called entering bad network mode and is signaled by the badNetworkMode property transitioning to true accompanied by a enterbadnetworkmode event. If this happens, we can provide no guarantees that the ABR algorithm will be able to switch up in the future. Therefore, we expect a explicit call by the user to exit bad network mode by setting the badNetworkMode property back to false. This will also result in a exitbadnetworkmode event. If it does happen that the ABR algorithm is able to detect enough bandwidth to switch up, the player automatically exits bad network mode and updates the property and dispatches the event.