Create a channel for real-time streaming at scale

Creating a channel will set up a full stack which will allow you to start streaming. You can choose a name for your channel and select an ingest location that best fits your need. An ingest location close to you will reduce latency. To see an overview of all the possible ingest locations, have a look at Regions.

Optionally, you can pass an ingest configuration that will perfectly fit your needs. If the ingestConfig property doesn't get passed, or some specific properties like abr or bitRate don't get passed to the ingestConfig object, the default values will be taken as input. You can always change these values using the Update Channel method. You can also set a preset that allows you to adjust the stream settings according to your use case. For more information, please refer to the Stream configuration guide.

As a result, you will receive a unique channel ID (to be used for future communication), an RTMP push URL and a stream key.


Start the channel to start streaming

Creating a channel won’t start the channel: it’s not possible to play the stream yet. To start the channel, see “Start channel” below.

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