Getting started on Android

How to use the THEOlive SDK in your Android app.


Add the following maven repositories to your project:

maven { url = uri("") }
maven { url = uri("") }
maven { url "" }
maven { url "" }

Then add the player artifact to build.gradle:

implementation "com.theolive:player:3.3.0"

Adding the player to your Activity

First you can create a player in your compose activity with:

val player = rememberTHEOlivePlayer()

This returns a THEOlivePlayer, which is the API to the player.

Then you can create a view of the player with and without a UI:

THEOliveTheme {
        modifier = Modifier.aspectRatio(16f / 9f),
        color = MaterialTheme.colorScheme.background
    ) {
        THEOliveUI(player = player)
    player = player,
    modifier = Modifier.aspectRatio(16f / 9)

In order to start playback, you will need to load your THEOlive channel into the player:


API references

The API of the player package is documented here:


For a sample Android app see