Using OBS with THEOlive

How to use OBS to start streaming video for THEOlive

This guide will shortly describe how to set up OBS Studio correctly so it can be used to stream content to THEOlive.

1. Add a source

In the Source section at the bottom of the application, hit the + sign. You can choose any source you want. As an example, we can select "Display Capture", which will record your screen.


Selecting a source

2. Define the settings

Select Settings in the Controls section at the right bottom of the application. Click on the Stream tab and enter your credentials:

  • Select "Custom..." as the Service
  • Pass the rtmpPushUrl URL as Server
  • Make sure to enter the streamKey as Stream Key

Defining stream settings

As a next step, go to the Output tab in the Settings menu, and configure the following settings in order to achieve the lowest possible latency with THEOlive.

  • Output Mode: Advanced
  • Bitrate: match the max bitrate of the profile used in your channel (e.g.: 4500Kbps for "sport"). More details.
  • CPU Usage Preset (higher = less CPU): veryfast
  • Profile: main
  • Tune: zerolatency

Defining output settings

Go to the Video tab and set the frame rate to the same value you are using in your channel. See Stream configuration for more details.


Upload bandwidth

Make sure that your encoder has a stable connection and enough upload bandwidth. This will ensure all data is correctly sent to the THEOlive channel.

3. Start streaming

Close the window and click on Start Streaming in the same Controls section


Start streaming your video content

4. Start your THEOlive channel

This can be done either through the API or via the management console.